Basic Information on Hawaii

Hawaii is the 50th state of USA and consists of 8 major islands with several smaller islets in the central Pacific Ocean, about 3380 km southwest of San Francisco. Hawaiian Islands are volcanic in their origin and carry coral reefs on their edges. The capital city of Hawaii is Honolulu, the most populous and economically important of all Hawaiian cities. According to a 2000 population record, Hawaii had 1,211,537 inhabitants. Due to its enthralling natural beauty, Hawaii is sometimes regarded as the Paradise of the Pacific.

What to Take on a Trip to Hawaii? For people who come from the continental United States, ATM cards and credit cards work inHawaii. So there is no need to carry extra cash or traveler’s checks. Prices are a bit up in Hawaii so you may like to take some basic stuff with you. These should include: sunglasses, sun shirts, visors, and hats (Hawaii is hotter than other US states); easy walking shoes, slippers and sandals; swimsuit, warm weather clothes, and beach towels; water safes, earplugs, medications and common over the counter drugs; umbrella stroller, swim diapers, and pain relievers (all these for kids).

Protection from Hawaiian Sun

You must not forget to bring your sunblock or buy it here in Hawaii. Apply it half an hour before going out. This is because sun inHawaii is quicker to burn your skin than anywhere else in the US. Hats already are a fashion in Hawaii so you can choose to bring your baseball or straw hats.

Hawaiian Islands to Travel

Let us look at the 8 main islands of Hawaii and you can choose yours for your next cruise.  


Tourism Industry first started in Oahu, which is host to the capital city, Honolulu and other famous places like Waikiki (beach), Pearl Harbor, North Shore, and the famous Polynesian Cultural Center. High population, developed cities, and cultural shows of Oahu are the main attractions for tourists. If you don’t mind a lot of people, Oahu is definitely going to refresh you. 


Kauai comprises famous tourist places like Lihue, the Na Pali Coast, Hanalei Bay, and Waimea Canyon. Beautiful and lush valleys are the main charm of Kauai. About a million people visit Kauai each year, enjoying its scenic beaches and water sports.


Maui Island offers great tourist spots like Kahalui and Lahaina, the volcanic crater of Haleakala, and Hana with its adventurous road. Whale watching on the natural beaches forms the core of Maui’s charm. More than two million tourists visit Maui each year.

Hawaii – The Big Island

Kona and Hilo are the most famous places of Hawaii, the Big Island. Active volcanoes and black sand beaches make the Big IslandHawaii an ideal cruise destination for geologists and naturalists. The climate here is varied and 11 different types of climate prevail. Nature can be enjoyed in its fullest on the Big Island. 


Molokai is known among tourists for places like Kauanakakai, Halawa Beach Park, and Molokai ranch. Kalaupapa, called the leper colony, and Father Damien’s work are the most admirable attractions of Molokai. Some 80,000 people visit Molokai every year.


Shipwreck beach, the Garden of the Gods, and Manele Bay are some of the most famous tourist spots on Lanai Island. It is a place characterized by solitude. Lanai attracts some 100,000 visitors each year. Lanai has only two luxury hotels to accommodate visitors.


Niihau is also called the forbidden isle because you are not allowed to visit it unless invited by some permanent resident of the island. Niihau is a small island and has a population of fewer than 500 people.

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